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Basic Golf Techniques

Many golf fans think that hitting the ball with the stick is as easy as kicking any ball because they are wrong. The level of complexity of this sport goes beyond what we think, so it is important to study the movements we make with our golf club.

Lovers of this sport have searched for years the secrets and the most important techniques used by advanced players or even the greatest champions; today you will have in your hands the information you need to become one of them!

The Best Golf Techniques

Height: this is one of the most important aspects, hitting a high or low golf ball can be decisive in any lap, high blows are caused by placing a forward ball in a stance, as well as making use of backswing or follow-through too long.

Perfect Finish: a swing is not sensational without this wonderful technique, the right part of the body should rotate towards the left part bringing most of our weight to it, the right foot should end vertically leaning on its tip. When we complete the Finish, our knees must be touched, the hips must be rotated in full, and the right shoulder fixed on the target. It is not an easy technique, but if it is perfected, it will be of great help in any field. The finish described is obviously for skilled players. For the left-handed, the behavior will logically be the reverse symmetrical.

Speed: the speed with which we hit the golf ball is critical. This fact does not affect so much that the balls are new or used, but rather on the stick, let us keep in mind that a long stick and a soft hit, will generate a slow shot immediately, while a strong hit and a small stick can cause you to fire the ball forever.

Practice: it is one of the fundamental aspects, several professionals practice for hours after having finished some important tournament those shots that have done wrong in the field, this will help to think about what they may have failed, in addition to fully understanding what has been the cause of some specific problem. Practice, practice, and practice to improve your golf.

Control the distance: many golf fans lose interest at this point when keeping this technique on the course is essential to develop a good golf ball stroke, a proper technique is required, and there is nothing better than practicing the Finish explained above to achieve great distances.

The Distance According to the Swing

When you already have a level developed in the field, we must control the reduced areas. The best technique you can apply in this type, of course, is the partial hitting of the club to the golf ball.

To perform this type of hit, we just need to develop a medium swing; this technique is based on placing the hands below the waist, while the swing of ¾ is in which the hands are positioned above the waist.

It is important to differentiate the type of scrimmage to get to this level. Perform the complete swing by surpassing the position above the waist; the blow will vary according to the position and the turn of your hands.