Golf Instructions

General Rules

  • you are allowed to play with a maximum of 14 sticks
  • you must mark your ball so that it is identifiable
  • you must not make practical strokes in the development of the game
  • fill the card in the game by strokes or check the game results by holes

Blow-Out and a Play on the Ball

  • make the tee shot between the bars of the output)
  • play the ball as it is in its resting state, not enhance your position
  • if the ball is on water or another obstacle, do not disturb the surface to prevent the ball from moving

On the Green

  • ball at rest that has moved and ball in motion deviated or stopped
  • on the green, you can lift the ball, then place it in the same place
  • move a ball at rest before hitting it means a penalty of one blow
  • move a ball in motion by the player or his companions means penalty also

Lift, Drop and Place the Balls

  • before lifting the ball, you have to mark its position
  • when dropping you do not need to mark the position
  • the dropped balls; they must re-drop when: when rolling, they find an immovable obstacle, if it rests more than two sticks from where it was dropped or if it is closer to the hole than in its previous position

A Ball that Helps or Interferes, Loose Impediments and Movable Obstructions

  • the ball can be lifted (without being cleaned, unless it has risen from the green) if it helps another player
  • or if it impedes the game
  • loose objects can be moved while you are not in the same obstacle as the ball
  • mobile obstructions can also move

Immovable Obstructions and Terrain Abnormalities

  • provided the ball is not found in a water obstacle, it can be relieved without penalty and dropped the ball
  • if you are in a bunker, the ball can be relieved, although by incurring a penalty blow
  • in water obstacle, you can play the ball again from where it was hit in principle, or drop it, with a penalty of one blow.

Lost Ball and a Provisional Ball

  • if the ball has been lost in a water obstacle or outside the limits of the field, you must play another ball from the point from which the lost ball was hit
  • if after 5 minutes the ball is not found, it is considered lost
  • it is possible to play a provisional ball before looking for the original, in case it may be lost

Injurious Ball

  • balls in water obstacles are not considered to be injurious; they are governed by the water
  • anywhere else where it is impossible to play the ball can be played again the previous blow or drooping the ball, as long as it is not played from a position closer to the hole or of excessive advantage in the face of the new blow